Thursday, October 15, 2009

First Day of Break

Dad woke me up at 7:17 a.m. and I got up! Unlike at school, where I would hit my snooze button until necessity bodily dragged me out from beneath my cozy blanket. I suppose the knowledge that if I didn't get up, Dad or Mike might come up with Heidi and have her lick my face while tearing the warm blankets off my bed was reason enough to propel my tired body upwards and downstairs for breakfast. It was nice eating breakfast with 3/8th of the familia before Meg skipped off to school, Mike's ride came to pick him up and Dad...well, he was just around before work. I love those little family moments.

Today I am at Dad's office. I shall be attempting to complete the following:
--copies of my James Otis books/ pamphlets
--art history notecards
--Founding list of dates/ people/ events to know
--read George Orwell essays
--read more famous letters
--fellowship/ job applications

Dad and I went to Chinese for lunch. My fortune read, "Write injuries in dust, benefits in marble." I learned the Chinese word for "Inside" and my lucky numbers are 12, 23, 21, 33, 37, 16, which was neat to read only because my favorite number is, in fact, 37. We then had a conversation about what I should make for dinner on Sturday when the Hillsdale people come over (all thoughts on that should be directed at the comment box). Then he wanted to know when I became so opinionated and jokingly urged me to be more docile. I replied, Dubious.

In the happiest of news, my little sister Marianne asked me to be her Confirmation sponsor! I am so excited! I don't know how I'll get home for that yet, and I'll have to miss school, but this is definitely more important.

I am also happy to report that my computer shall be ready for my actual use when I get back to school! After a month at ITS, it was no more than a glorified picture frame. Then I uploaded Microsoft back to it, so it was slightly more useful, but not enough. My friend said he would work on it over break and not only is it working wonderfully now (I only gave it to him yesterday), he played MGMT's "Kids" to celebrate. Excellent choice! and taste, I might add.

I'm hanging with my cousin Sarah and familia tonight. I get to see massive amounts of friends tomorrow. Blessings abound!

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