Thursday, October 1, 2009

Kickin' off October with the Smarty Pants Award

Today was Fall Convocation. It was weird marching behind the teachers. I did KKG proud by wearing my black pencil skirt and heels, with an emphasis on the heels because I am notoriously known in the house for my dislike of heels; the entire house could be wearing black heels and I would still opt for my wonderful black Italian leather loafers. It's not a dislike, really, because I love wearing them; I just prefer to not as means of protesting the ridiculous notion many Kappas hold dear of wearing them during the winter, when the campus is covered in ice because Hillsdale has yet to learn that salt is a good investment, not a luxury item.

In baller news, KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA WON THE SCHOLARSHIP CUP!! I am incredibly excited by this, as one may tell. This is the third time we've won it, I believe, while I've been in the house, so I am absolutely heartened by this.

In the happiest of news, I got my computer back yesterday!! It's been a month since I dropped it off at ITS. Appropriately, when I put in my ipod before carrying it back across campus back to Kappa, I pressed play and Coldplay's "Fix You" started playing. My ipod has a funny sense of humor.

I wanted to take a nap after lugging Ned (I've decided to name my computer that right now; congrats, first people to know!) home, but I played tennis with Joy instead. It was a rusty game, but really fun. We also discussed things that matter while playing, like if the government should pay for abortions under its public health option and the Supreme Court debating gun laws. I'm sore now in my right forearm and left hand.

After tennis was dinner, and then, to finally make myself even more useless studying-wise, I went to the Hillsdale County Fair with Marisa, Heather and Kate. I've never gone before (minus going to the Demolition Derby with Brian and Colin freshman year) and I feel like it's something one should do before graduating college. It is, after all, "The Most Popular Fair on Earth." (Yes, my friends, Earth.) I had so much fun. I especially loved seeing all the animals; it reminded me of two summers ago when I covered Jr. Fair for the News Journal (my two favorite fair pieces I wrote for WNJ that summer were "Gobbling Tales of Showmanship" and "Confessions of a City Slicker"). I saw lots of college kids there, including my friend Will, who was taking pictures. Here's a sweet one from the swings.

Today is good. Tomorrow is Friday, which is even better. I am no longer going home this weekend, which is disappointing on one hand (I really miss my family) but good on the other (write papers/ write and edit articles/ research thesis/ socialize/sleep). I am determined to finish up Pauline Maier's "American Scripture" book today for Birzer's Founding by tomorrow.

Dr. Freeh is giving a talk on "The Resurrection of the Body-- Judgement, Heaven, Hell and Purgatory" at 8 in Lane tonight. It should be excellent. The reading is Luke 10: 27-38 and CCC 988-1060 (starts at 988, may have to push "next" to proceed on a few). Considering the topic, however, I feel like we should be reading Dante too! I'm missing Victor Davis Hanson's talk because of it, but he agreed to a little Q&A with the Forum for this up and coming issue, so I am stoked about that. This really is going to be a great next issue.

In other news, my glasses are missing. I think this might cause problems in the future.

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