Monday, October 12, 2009


(Pictured, left to right: Betsy, Amanda, Vivian, me and Margo has the KKG flag)

Homecoming 2009 at Hillsdale was fantastic! Even though KKG didn't win Homecoming Queen, Sarah still looked amazing and Kappa's cheers for her and our sorority rang out loud and proud. Hillsdale's football team also beat the #1 ranked Grand Valley State University, so festivities Saturday were more than celebratory. Hillsdale invited Mikey from The Monkees to sing and entertain the alumni and students, so the tent party was hopping, so say the least. My big April came in town, so it was great to see her and have her meet my little Danielle. I also saw 'Our Town' on Friday with friends and then hit up a couple parties, so that combined with seeing favorite alumni, I'd say this was one of my favorite weekends of the school year.

Also, if you want a great song to jam to, I recommend Kayne West's "Homecoming."

I'm at the library, getting more books for my thesis and printing articles off JSTOR. The printer, however, ran out of toner, so now my printing job is on pause. Slightly annoying since I'd like to get back to Matt's room to keep working on it. I went back to Kappa before the library though to grab my ipod and head phones. There are a number of people in there now, and I need to keep working. I went over there around 8 to work (after my lovely walk with Vivy) and I met a freshman named Henry who is also from Cincinnati! he was making Skyline and sharing it :) There were a few other guys in there as well and one of them asked me what my thesis was on, which of course catalyzed a huge discussion, which was fantastic. I love those type of intellectual discussions, especially when people are coming from different angles.

Okay, toner problem fixed, gots to get back to work. The Bengals won against the Baltimore Ravens today 17-14, so we're #1 in the AFC!! Who Dey!!!

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