Wednesday, May 6, 2015

We Survived (And Then Some)

Will is done with night shifts for TWO WHOLE WEEKS, cha cha cha.

And I'm just over here, remembering that I have one more quiz, one more homework assignment and one more paper to grade. I stayed up late the last two night finishing up all the quizzes + papers turned in, and I'm also finishing up this week's lectures... so yay.

I also had a study sesh with my AP students because the AP US test is this Friday covering all of U.S. history... I drank a lot of water to push through the twentieth century. Cold War be complicated! We'll have another one tomorrow night - so crazy nervous/excited for them!!

[Any AP test-takers out there? My husband's small Catholic high school did not offer them; my medium sized Catholic high school did. Thoughts on it? I'm all for testing, but it seems to becoming more intense and needed, vs. as an extra bonus before college. Or maybe it depends on specific colleges?]

After class yesterday, we did a serious cleanage of the first floor. It felt SO GOOD to have help + the windows were open because it is super fine outside. We've been having playdates on the porch in the evenings and they are quickly becoming my favorite time of day.  I love that we have a porch to play on with the girls, and that Grace enjoys being outside so much.

She wants to be in her swing all day long; she'll sit by the open door, trying to push the screen open so she can crawl to the swing and reach upwards. It is adorable.

But, I was prepared to give up that swing. For the past month, I've been looking for a new place to rent. We love the location and the space, but cost of living is too high, especially in comparison to other places in our area. When negotiations with our landlord were less fruitful than hoped, I decided we were moving, period.

Yesterday, I looked at the most wonderful house with the girls. It's a quick walk from the hospital - under ten minutes, so Will can still commute by foot. It's spacious, new appliances, gas heating, and a really nice space - the rent, of course, cinched the deal. We were moving, period. I started to move forward into negotiations, filling out the forms, getting pay stubs, etc. when I noticed that the house I so desired was in a different county.

I called my Dad, who confirmed that a mere three block move would put us in an entirely new county. The county line, apparently, is right by the hospital. I was crushed momentarily, and then (sort of) rallied.

County matters to us because of Grace's Early Intervention therapists. If we moved to a different county, she'd have to get re-evaluated and assigned all new therapists. The hassle is ridiculous, but more importantly, the bond is real. Grace loves her therapists, and they love her. It took her a while to get used to and trust them, and because she does, they can push her harder and get better results. When she does not know or trust the person working with her, it becomes a power struggle, and no one leaves therapy happy.

Grace's therapy schedule matters more than reasonable rent + utilities. That's my big girl lesson of the week.

I'm tired and a little crabby. Will's home more this week, which makes me happier. The girls are getting bigger every day - Grace is becoming such a toddler. She walked with her cart today during OT, and the way her face lights up keeps me going. Laura is the sweetest.

Three more weeks till summer. Survival mode.


  1. I liked AP classes and tests. I felt like it helped prepare me more for the kind of studying I'd have to do in college. And getting high enough scores on the AP test meant I started out with about 32 credits of college courses, and I never had to take a single gen ed requirement in college because of my AP credit! So win win win, for me at least!

    And I'm so sorry about the county/house issue! But you are right - Grace's therapy (being good and a happy time for her and being fruitful!) is more important than rent. Have you tried negotiating any more with the landlord?

  2. I took a bunch of AP courses & tests too - I think they helped prepare me for more in-depth college courses, and I really learned how to study my butt off!