Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Sometimes the Parents Get Sick

It was ten till nine o'clock at night - a perfectly respectable time for Grace to be sleeping, but she was awake and screaming (she went to bed after 7:30 p.m.), and as both her parents are sick and not feeling great, we decided to invite Grace to our work-on-the-bed party. I had prep to do for my AP class, and Will is reading for journal club tomorrow.

Too excited to be up to stay still for a picture!
"Do you know what you need Grace? A hamster wheel. For your next birthday, I am giving you a toddler sized hamster wheel." - Will

My highlighter?
"For someone so small, you take up a lot of space," Will said to Grace. She was definitely marking her territory on the bed.

I am holding onto her sleep sack to keep her from face planting off the bed.

45 minutes later, she is back in her crib: not crying, just rubbing her eyes and snuggling back into her blankets. I'm done with my work, and typing up this quick post about a tough part about parenting without support nearby. My in-laws left yesterday, and I am already mourning the loss of familial help and support. 

But I have Will, and I would never wish to underplay the importance of our life together: as we work together, and struggle together, and appreciate each other. There are plenty of good days, and some times there are awful days. Today, I was not alone: Will and I worked through today together. He went to work way too early; Grace and I had two OT sessions today; I taught class; Will studied for his advanced trauma life support test later this week; I let him nap in the late afternoon, he fixed dinner while I fed and then played with Grace, and he took care of me later in the evening when I was too sick to get off the couch.

For better and for worse, for sickness and in health. I appreciate and feel strength in those vows we took, especially tonight.

Then, there is Grace.

Those beautiful eyes.

Grace made us parents. She helps us get out of the "this is what I want" routine of life, and she brings us so much joy. Even when I'm trying not to cry because my throat hurts so badly, she is so cute and amusing when she flops from Will and I, basking in our love of her. She trusts us and loves us, and sometimes, she cries because she wants to be with us. Can we blame the girl?

I love us too, Grace. Now go to sleep. Your parents need their rest.

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  1. Say goodnight Gracie!

    Hope you get feeling better! Want me to come over and play? Can I have a sleep sack too? That looks comfy...