Saturday, September 20, 2014

Grace's Nursery

When Grace was born, we had just (okay, 3 months earlier) moved to New Orleans. Her parents were counting pennies, and sadly, did not really decorate her space. I suppose it was the most sad for me - I doubt she'll remember the trauma.

Nonetheless! When we moved to Pennsylvania, I promised myself Grace would have the cutest room this side of the Mason-Dixon line. I think I've done a pretty great job, with plenty of white wall space ready for this mama to hang up a few more pictures and hopefully a super cute GHB monogram for above her changing table.

Without further adieu... Grace's nursery!

Crib - gift from Alexander family (two cousins slept there before Grace!), Pottery Barn
Green mat - IKEA
Road map carpet - IKEA

The raspberry couch - a pre-marriage purchase I made from my good friends B&Z, before they moved off to their Minnesota adventures. So many good memories were made there, and continue to be made!

Blanket - gift/ handiwork of Mrs. K, friend of my parents

Pillows - HomeGoods find

I took a lot of these pictures from a relaxing spot on aforementioned couch
Banner - Martha Stewart brand (Target?)

Bookcase - Target

Lamp - gift from my Gusweiler family

The dresser - a gift from my former employers! My SIL Ellen (whose blog you should read, cough) is a very talented artist who freehand drew and painted this. THIS. I'm serious. Girl's got talent, and it's not even done yet. She'll be back at the end of October to visit us and finish painting!

Changing pad - Amazon

Cover - Aden+Anais

Shake that puzzle, Grace.

Rocking chair - My MIL wanted a portable rocking chair for Grace until we bought one of our own... so it's just hanging out, being comfortable, not exactly encouraging us to buy another one. I think this one is from Bass Pro (it is foldable).

Boppy - another pre-loved item from my Alexander family!

Girl painting - I want Grace's room to have a Southern Belle feel, since she is our New Orleans baby. I found this reprint at Goodwill, and am convinced it is a more famous painting. Can anyone place it?!

Louisiana parishes print - The Grove Street Press, located in the CBD of New Orleans, right by St. Patrick's, one of the parishes we attended. Two cousins who do really fabulous work - their instagram is fun too!

I heart NOLA print - A gift from my dear sister-friend Emily, from another fabulous NOLA boutique - Hattie Sparks.

Black frame - "Grace the Goose" poem by Will Baldwin, his Christmas present to me. I'll have to type it up and share at some point - he is such a talented poet! 

Sunny day...
"blackout" curtains - Eclipse brand; they do not really blackout, but they definitely dull the bright light and have a cute, almost fleur-de-lis pattern. Win-win.

End photoshoot, cue yawns.


  1. This is really cute :) Grace grinning in half of these pictures makes it even cuter, of course!

  2. This is an awesome post. Grace has the cutest room! And I'm SO glad I will be coming in October. That unfinished dresser is a bur under my saddle. I'm probs going to be all hi-bye going through the door, heading up to the nursery with my paints!

  3. Love the banner and the artwork!