Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Today: A Love Song

Today Grace did not nap... when she was supposed to. Rise and shine at 5:15 am (my MIL is visiting so basically I am in sleep-in Heaven), with a brief 20-30 minute nap on her stroller ride this afternoon, before forcefully being put into her crib at 4 pm. She emitted a few extra sobs, but none of those lung blasters she sang earlier. Nap, check.

Her dad woke up around 5 p.m., which was awesome, because he finished his fourth night shift this morning (and has his fifth and final one tonight!), and has been sleeping poorly. As one of his resident buddies responded when I told him Will was sleeping and definitely not going to make journal club: "Night shifts are the worst. Let the man sleep!"


I did not nap today, even though I very much wanted to, as I have soooo much reading to do for class. I am getting really nervous-excited about starting my stint as history lecturer/ teacher/ instructor/ mind molder next week, and am reading ALL THE BOOKS to feel ready. Tomorrow, I'll work on lecture notes.

My MIL has been keeping the house moving and shaking, and I'm at a loss what I'll do once she's gone... cry? Not finish the laundry? Let the dishes pile up? All of the above? We shall see. The house is in better order with her here, so perhaps not!

And I didn't even snap one thousand pictures of Grace today, but we had a nice family dinner, then Will, Grace and I went on a long walk. It was so nice to spend one-on-one time with Will -- it's been too long (a couple of days seem really long, okay? Okay.). We came home, gave Grace a bath, read to her and prayed with her, and like a miracle child, she went down easy peasy, like she normally does, and all was forgotten of the day-long battles for GHB to shut those little eyes and sleep.

But here's a picture from yesterday, after I tried to do yoga for 20-25 minutes, and ended up laughing too much because Grace kept rolling or crawling on the mat to be closer to me. We decided to do some fun PT standing and sitting exercises.

And now, sleep for me too. I hope today was a love song for you too, Reader.

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  1. Aw she wanted to do yoga with her momma! Precious!