Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Five Favorites (v. 3)

I've decided I need an outlet for fluffiness. I bet you do too!


I'm on the perpetual trail of nutritious, healthy and budget friendly breakfast options. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day; brunch is my second favorite, and brinner is my third favorite. My morning starts with oatmeal, a spoonful of brown sugar and two tablespoons of ground flax seed. I've heard great things about flax seed and chia seeds, so I'm experimenting. I'm here to say - I love flax seed. I've put it in my pancakes and greek yogurt now too: bueno! Affordable too at $4.99/ bag at Whole Foods.

Flax benefits include an amazing source of fiber and omega-3 fatty acids, and helps reduce risks for diabetes, cancer and heart disease.

Trumpette Jitterbug Jenny socks! Grace was sent a set from a family friend, and they are adorable, frilly, colorful socks. They look like the cutest little shoes, and they keep Grace's toes warm, which is important since she inherited my perpetually chilly-cold hands and feet. The little elastic at the top (which does not cut off circulation to her pudgy legs) are an extra bonus!

Did I mention they are adorable?

(And so is Grace.)


This house a few blocks from our house - the deep teal color with the buttery cream, Mardi Gras beads off the mailbox, the American flag, and the front step garden complete with two trees growing in a bathtub.


After writing my piece on St. Elizabeth of Hungary and the homeless, my mention of my want (vs. need) of this Mega Seat for Grace landed baby girl a very generous gift from her fan club. It really is everything I wanted and more - plus Grace enjoys it too, which is a double plus! I am still totally bowled over by the generosity and love given to my little family.

Hey girl... want to play Patty Cake with me? Mark it with a 'G'!
Look! It's those cute socks again!

Have you ever been wrong about someone after priding yourself on being an excellent judge of character? I joined a book club for this year, and first up is Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, the classic tale of coming to age, mistakes, humility and intellectual honesty. The pace of the book, the character sketches, the drama and - of course - the excellent writing voice of Miss Austen makes this book a must-read. I'm also on the BBC P&P movie train; Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy? The obvious choice. 

There was a live discussion on this book, as part of the Motherhood + Jane Austen book club I joined this year: listen here!

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  1. GRACE!!!!

    Her lil seat and socks are so cute too!

    But I have to disagree. P&P 2005 version for forever!!