Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Five Favorites (v. 6)

A few indulgences in my life lately:


The Frozen soundtrack

Okay, I've never seen the movie... but I want to; plus, my siblings share all these secret inner stories and loves and knowledge that only movie watchers understand. Brittany wrote a great piece on it for The Mirror Magazine, and I've spent most of today listening to the soundtrack on Spotify.

What's not to love? Sisters, heartache, humor, courage, love and Broadway star Idina Menzel (yes, from Wicked). Swoon, Disney.

I don't know what those little people are, but they're hilarious:


On that note... here is a hair tutorial for Elsa's braid. I'm always looking for ways not to wear my hair in a ponytail (little fingers hold tight):


King Cake. Apparently, not everyone celebrates happiness. I mean, Mardi Gras. My husband, for example, did not know what a king cake is before last night when I brought home a delicious one from Whole Foods. But honey, we live in New Orleans... indulge! Lent is in one week! The colors of purple, green and gold stand for justice, faith and power.

Look at dat baby!
Fun fact: down here, they fix more than cinnamon king cakes - praline, raspberry cream cheese, berry chantilly, and more!


Instagram. Total gramification. Totally in love. Follow me for giggles.


Today is five months since Grace was born. Love you, smiley baby!

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  1. 1. How have you not seen Frozen?!?!? SO GOOD. I've seen it 4 times so I would know.
    2. AH I just got my hair chopped off so I can't braid it like that anymore!!!
    3. Still mad you switched to Instagram :( I miss my Grace-a-day on Twitter!
    4. SHE IS SO CUTE.