Friday, December 6, 2013

#7QT: Just Jogging in Sperry's, Y'all!

It's between 12 a.m. and 2 a.m. and I have a Grace Harriet on my chest, bobbing her head... so let's get our link-up groove on with Jen & co.!


The most important thing: I woke up to this face yesterday morning.

I know. She's fabulous.


The second most important piece of business is the Liturgical Living: Advent link-up I am doing. Why? Because you should join in! I'm dying for insights into the holy season and how to make it more festive. Like, feast days: talk to me. Which ones do y'all celebrate? How do you celebrate? What about caritas in this giving season? And decorating. Please. In the mean time, it's raining/ misting down here in New Orleans. I thought hurricane season was over? Maybe this is what winter looks like.

So join in! You know you want to participate.  Will and I watched Christmas Vacation tonight; now that movie is full of good cheer! We love the neighbors.


On Tuesday, I had Will do Xtend Barre with me. Since it's pilates + ballet, I think he thought it would be "easy"... and he was wrong. Feel the burn, darling. For me, however, what hurt more was what we did Wednesday.

I put our mail on hold three weeks ago, before I went home with my Dad and Grace, since Will would be gone most of the week on interviews. I asked Will to meet me downtown so we could get the mail together (I can't carry a box of mail and push Grace in the stroller). First post office gave us a package but says our mail is at the other downtown location.

Well. My car was getting an oil change, but Will's car only had a half hour on the meter. So he pushed Grace and walked so fast that I had to jog to keep up. Jogging in Sperry's on the unforgiving pavement of downtown New Orleans - 10+ minutes there, and another 10ish minutes back - is the best way to bring your shin splint pains back. In case you have plans to mimic my exercise style(s).

And no, we didn't get our mail, since you are wondering. Yes, I filled out the yellow slip. (The man at the other post office remembers!) Thank you, post lady, for giving us two names and phone numbers and telling us not to mention you by name. Another day then? Retrieving one's mail is top secret business down here... Aaaaand we're jogging again.


It feels really good to be home, and by home, I mean our townhouse in New Orleans. It's a mess right now, as I get to sort through a large stack of papers I left for "later", writing more thank you notes (a wonderful blessing!!), my organization binder is in chaos, and there is always more laundry and cleaning to be done. Still - it's my work, it's my home, and it's my responsibility. That feels really good.

I feel a steep learning curve in decorating my own home. I'm glad Grace won't remember this Christmas, and a little disappointed she doesn't see how cute her binky looks sitting in her tiny shoe for St. Nick's feast day! We head back up north in less than two weeks... hard to believe! Will took an exam today, and has more, plus a couple of interviews before we drive north for another one and Christmas break. It's exhausting seeing people and sharing Grace, and so thrilling at the same time.


Most surreal part of my week? A recommendation which lead to a phone interview that resulted in a job offer. I'm going to teach AP and regular US history, y'all! For a classical school online! More on that later.


I like this article by Mary:
Pioneer and medieval women spent a lot of time sewing and cooking, sure, but that can't have been so much more boring than the plowing and animal-feeding the men were doing. Those same women spent a lot of time pregnant (earlier marriages, no modern means to postpone/avoid pregnancy, etc.), which was probably about as risky as fixing the roof or going to war, and probably seen as a good thing if for no other reason than that more kids meant more hands to help run the farm. 
This division of labor seems more sensible than sexist: if you're breastfeeding, you should be where the babies are, and if you're pregnant, you should do less heavy lifting. So it makes sense that the never-pregnant men would do the heavier work and the frequently-pregnant women would do the lighter -- but equally demanding and equally important -- work. In the days before Hot Pockets and Ann Taylor, someone had to cook and sew or the family wouldn't be fed and clothed. 
(Mary C. Tillotson, "Redeeming 'Women's Studies'", The Mirror Magazine)


Thursday Thrills: Will is re-reading Mockingjay. Grace is less enthusiastic.

"What's in this for me?"
Happy Friday, all!


  1. I am just dying over that sweet smile!!!!

    Congratulations on the job offer! I'm so excited for you! :)

  2. Wow, congrats on the job offer!

    Love seeing pictures of Grace...Bryan and I think she is just too cute!!

    Thinking about linking up with you! We have bits and pieces here and there but aren't fully developed yet.

  3. For ideas on liturgical living, you might want to check out Haley's site: Carrots for Michaelmas.

    Love the pics of your daughter... she is adorable!

  4. The post office is always either really horrible or really was a great day for me, but sorry to hear that your trip there wasn't as pleasant. :(

    Buuuut Grace's face is officially my favorite. Ever. The new side bar pic looks like she's giving us all her "z-snap"...though she might actually be sleeping?? Love it.

  5. Oooh I like the feast days question! The main one I celebrated growing up was St. Nicholas day, we would put our shoes out and receive our presents and chocolate coins. In my family St. Nicholas day is always done that you receive two items, one to keep and one to give away. I know different people do St. Nick differently but for us Christmas was the main gift giving holiday and St. Nicholas day would be very small items - some chocolate coins, a small puzzle, Christmas tree ornament etc.

    I also like to celebrate the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe (Dec. 14) when I find a parish which is hosting an event. I've been to Mexico a few times, and have a strong devotion to OLG so I try to do that one when possible.

    Last, I remember my gram telling me that when she was little they always lit their tree on the feast of St. Lucia (Dec. 13) since she is the patron saint of light.