Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Two Month Check-Up: Four Vaccines

Today, Grace is two months and thirteen days old, and had her third doctor's visit. We practiced tummy time in the waiting room...

And in the patient room! Everyone agrees that Grace is beautiful and a tummy time rock star.

Look at that form!

Then, to show off to the attending, she attempted to roll over. That was impressive to the doctor and less thrilling for me. Stay still! No mobility yet, please!

Grace had one oral vaccine and three shots in her thighs. She turned very red, and cried a bit, and I cooed at her how brave she was. It wasn't hard for me to see her cry or get shots - I was there to comfort her, and I know they are for the best for the long term. 

Then, I nursed her, she passed out, and we went home. 

It's one of those days where it's grand being a mom. I feel so much responsibility: yes, this is my daughter; yes, that is her rash; yes, these are her achievements; yes, she is peeing all over the table (if you're wondering about the change of clothes).

{Please say a prayer for Grace's doctor too -- 30 weeks preggo, third pregnancy, first one to go past 8 weeks!}

Later, we picked up Will from the airport, and now we're settling in for a couple days of 50 degree weather before returning to the Land of Snow Days.

I'm also burning all the Advent candles down, down, down.

buuuuuurn baby buuurn!

Off to find batteries for Grace's swing so I can keep typing with two hands...


  1. She's so cute! :)

  2. I think I would be freaking out if my son or daughter tried to roll over on the exam table. No, no, no! Keep that action on the ground, where you won't roll off!

  3. 1. Grace is the cutest.
    2. So exciting for her doctor! I'll be praying :)

  4. CUTE. And haha to peeing on the table.

  5. 1.) We always agonized over the vaccinate vs. not. We did our first five. Our last four we didn't. 2.) Most of our kids peed at the doctor's office. There's something about that environment, I guess! 3.) Beautiful baby. Just like her mama. :)