Monday, April 2, 2012

John Paul II and the Authentic Life

"No one can live a trial life; no one can love experimentally." --Blessed John Paul II

Today, on the seventh anniversary of the death of the Pope most families grew up under, I pause to reflect how one man, our earthly spiritual leader, could have such a profound affect on our world. I remember reading in Time Magazine, how four non-believers were sent to interview the Pope, and all four could feel the presence of something more. Even if you do not intellectually believe, there is a more inner part of a person that embrace revelation and acknowledges God without a needed word. The Pope's serious faith and humility of his position gave way to great fruit, and helped people find freedom in Christ, when this world offered none of it.

How bold he was! Proclaiming Christ, showing us, not just telling us, Do Not Be Afraid! When the world seems so dark and broken, the light of Christ shines through the peep hole, giving us the needed hope. John Paul II was that messenger of hope, the spiritual leader of the Roman Catholic Church on earth, and the friend I never met, and still love very dearly.

Moreover, we are indebted to Pope John Paul II for not letting Cardinal Ratzinger retire, and thus helping give the Church one of her best and most brilliant popes, Pope Benedict XVI.

For the repose of the soul of Pope John Paul II, and all those souls in need of our prayers, let us pray!

How did Pope John Paul II affect you? Did he affect you? Did you see the effects of his life on others?


  1. He affected me greatly and still does. I love Papa B! He's so fantastic. But John Paul II was the pope who formed me. His thought thoroughly penetrated me during my theological formation. He'll always have a special place in my heart.

  2. I have always loved him, but really felt a special connection to him after seeing him at World Youth Day (2002 I think?). I was one sad girl when he died! I saw him effect the lives of others because countless non-Catholics, who might have judged other aspects of Catholicism, loved him!