Friday, April 6, 2012

Turn Around!

Today is Good Friday. At noon, my family will drive to Mt. Adams, to a hill overlooking the Ohio River. We will descend many steps, cross a bridge, and then go down many more, before reaching a landing, turning around, and going back up each step, one rosary bead at a time. I will wear a rain coat, because it always rains on us.

This raincoat! (Getting rained on in Salzburg)
It is an activity I both love and dread. It is penance, good to be sure, but still humbling, as well as physically and emotionally taxing. A good hundred or so people will be there at any given time.

"The Steps" (as we Robisons call it) is not an official prayer meeting place. The steep steps are there to connect hilly Mt. Adams to Eastern Avenue, down by the river. I am not even sure how or when people started coming here to pray, but I know my family started going when I was younger, and it is a defining moment of Triduum weekend for me. I cry every time it starts raining, at some point between noon and three. I think, God is dying. God, my Savior, is suffering death-- for me!

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