Thursday, January 26, 2012

You Say That’s Exactly How This Grace Thing Works

Few things make me happier than people finding joy in their vocation.  I heard vocation aptly described a few days ago at my parish's "Ask a Priest!" night.

Vocation is
1. A call from God for a specific purpose
2. An answering of that call
3. The Church's acceptance of that call

Obviously there can be bigger and smaller vocation, which are both important, but Church acceptance is key. For example, one may feel called to be a prostitute, but that goes against Church teaching of honoring one's body and sex as an expression of a sacramental love between a man and a woman. Therefore, prostitution is not a vocation because God would never call a person to something that degrades their humanity. Furthermore, this is a good time to remind the studio audience that the Church does not exist for her own existence, but rather to evangelize the world for Christ and to bring all people into communion with him.

Here are some awesome Dominican novices from a nearby parish playing and singing Mumford & Son's "Roll Away Your Stone" for their Parents' Weekend last October:

I've been a busy bee (hence the Bright Maidens post delay... forgive me!) and am at the airport now, waiting for my plane to Georgia. Please pray for my safe travels!


  1. THIS.

    This is why O.P.'s are AWESOME!

    Well that and the whole St. Dominic, Albert, Aquinas, et al connection :)

  2. That video makes me proud to be Catholic :) Pass on my gratitude, encouragement, and filial affection to those guys if you ever get the chance. I'll be praying for them, and for you! Blessings!

  3. Awesome video!!

    Hope your flight goes (went) well! :)