Thursday, January 5, 2012

Latex and Landfills

Paige at S'aint Easy wrote a post defending the Duggar family and giving some excellent side comparisons too:
So what is so selfish about the Duggars having all these darned babies? First of all, let me say, I’m not one of those people who think the Duggars are nuts. I think they are Baptist and a little weird, and definitely fashion-challenged, but I did watch their TV show admittedly more than I should have while I was unemployed and one thing I can say for them is that you can tell that family loves each other.  
Frankly, as much as the 7 Billion and Counting people would like me to believe that the Brazilian hooded tree frog (or whatever) is going to suffer as a direct result of the Duggars having another child, the notion is just preposterous! They are practically self-sufficient, and come on, since there are 7 billion people in the world, 20 Duggars really aren’t going to make that much impact. I think the secular “liberals” are the ones that are more likely using all the resources, what with their SUVs for themselves, their spouse and their golden retriever. It’s a lot easier to carpool when you literally lug 7 people with you everywhere you go.  
The Duggars make all their own clothes or buy them at thrift stores. They have 20 kids! They can’t afford to buy stuff just to throw it away, or drink Starbucks daily and chuck the paper cups or buy new clothes/shoes/cell phones whenever they feel like it. So your argument is a bit thin there, tree frog! If you want to blame anyone for your imminent demise, blame the guy in the Jetta over there with the Free Tibet and Coexist sticker on it. Let’s not forget the couple who want to "save the planet" by not having kids and are therefore throwing latex into landfills and chemicals into the water source because of the hormones leaked out (pun intended) when a woman on the Pill urinates.
Read the whole thing here! She is very witty and spot-on; she also is a lot more culturally literate than I'll ever be. See her latest on condom commercials here. Or the post about Glee (aptly titled "Performance Anxiety") that I wanted to write, but I never watch the show so I could only shake my head and sigh when my sisters told me about it.

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  1. aw, you girls are way, way too kind to little old me! Thank you! I give all props to the Holy Spirit, well, maybe one or two to Starbucks! :)