Thursday, July 1, 2010

I'm like a bird/ I want to fly away

I really love this poem.

"Designed to Fly" by Ellen Waterston

After ten hours of trying
the instructor undid
my fingers, peeled
them one by one
off the joystick.
"You don't need
to hold the plane
in the air," he advised.
"It's designed to fly.
A hint of aileron,
a touch of rudder,
is all that is required."

I looked at him
like I'd seen God.
Those props and struts
he mentioned, they too,
I realized, all contrived.
I grew dizzy
from the elevation
from looking so far
down at the surmise:
the airspeed of faith
underlies everything.
Lives are designed
to fly.

Happy July!
July is the the National Month of Grilling, Ice Cream, Hot dogs and Tour de France, four wonderfully marvelous (and delicious) things.

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