Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Justice League has a new member...!!

My sister just posted this picture of our dog and labeled it "Captain Heidi."

Heidi, the Top Dog of our household, is fightin' crime one mailman at a time; and when she's not barking at every person, dog, cyclist or car that goes by our house, she's smoozing for a belly rub or treat. Heidi is a champion napper, can magically open/ get through closed doors and she has the softest and most snuggly fur. Bonus: when she's been bad, she usually goes into her cage without much prompting.

My sister told me this weekend that she is four years old! I don't know how long that is in dog years, but it's wild to think she's been with us for what sounds like a short period when it feels like forever. I suppose some things are meant to fit and feel like an old sweater, even a relatively new addition.

Heidi the Great!

We're not ones to dress up our pets, but I think this is pretty funny. I'm going to have to call home later to find out the story.

[Update from my sister: "The story is that I gave her a bath and she only shakes when she get out of the tub, so I covered her up so she wouldn't shake on everybody." Thus Captain Heidi was born!!]

Okay, back to writing my article on how the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles has been selling private information because it's apparently all public records anyways and still epically fails to make a profit.

Two final thoughts:
1. “Whenever you are fed up with life, start writing: ink is the great cure for all human ills, as I have found out long ago.” --C.S. Lewis

2. Milton Friedman putting a young Michael Moore in his place. Yay free enterprise! H/T to my office mate in the Batcave.

Happy Tuesday, folks! My big April is back in town and we're going to get lunch today at Dirty Frank's, Hipster HQ in this splendid metropolis. It's National French Fry Day too, but I think I might opt for the tator tots...

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