Tuesday, July 27, 2010

And She Lived To Tell The Tale...

Today is Heather's first day of job orientation! For those unawares, Heather was my roommate from the first day of freshman year of college in McIntyre (where our room was fondly called "the Cave of Wonders") to the last minutes of senior year, after we had graduated and couldn't quite believe we were actually leaving our beloved KKG 11.

Bear's going to be a teacher at a charter school back in her hometown out West, teaching three sections of Biology and one section of the Fine Arts. I am so excited for her! I supported her through a Biology-English double major and minor in Art History; she was there for my American Studies major and minor in overcommitments; together, we shared Kappa.

Here's a re-cap of four fabulously fun years:

Freshman year before the Garden Party!
Sophomore year: We fly like paper, get high like planes.

Junior year: the Infamous Pickle Picture at Zingermann's.

Later that day: at the Gap, waiting for Heather's sisters to finish trying clothes on; this was before a mannequin fell on me.
Senior year: welcome to KKG 11!
The last home football game and one of my favorite pictures of us.

This is only a snippet of her wonderfulness. She is kind, gracious, witty and coffee-nated. She's also a kindred spirit, a fellow soul who know me so completely, it's as if we've always known each other. If you know Heather, do send her a note. :) I know she'd love it!

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