Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Happy First Birthday, Laura!

Hey, so remember when Laura was born??

Are you my mother?

Yep, you're my mother!!

I think I'm gonna like it here...

It's apparently been a year. Happy first birthday, Laura! 

Fine, so a year ago at this time, I was still in triage. Small details. 

Hooray! It's Laura's day! Time for her very own Camelbak. She liked. 

She got her own box of tissues too, in the tradition of Grace's first birthday... Laura is not the tissue-puller of the family, however; she would much rather have a free pass to play in the toilet. 

This Camelback was the clear winner. There is no water inside it. (Yet!)

She was overwhelmed by the paparazzi. 

Her coping mechanism was to start eating her cake. Mmm, white chocolate. 

My parents came in town for the weekend to celebrate our Lady Laura! 

We sang Happy Birthday, and she suspiciously poked at her cake. Clearly her father's child.

She even handed her piece to Will at one point... but she did eat a few bites of well-deserved birthday cake. 

My parents left early that afternoon to catch their flight home, so we went to the park. It was a very fun transition of Laura walking around the playground!

Happy birthday, my Laura the explorer. 

At one, Laura:
  • walks and falls; picks herself up with a grin
  • climbs on everything; leans her head back (expects to be caught)
  • transitions off couches, beds
  • says "all done"; "dada"; "yes"
  • babbles and smiles
  • teases her sister
  • plays with blocks, stuffed animals
  • looks through books
  • plays chase/ tag 
  • initiates peek-a-boo
  • has eight teeth
  • loves fruit, cheese, veggie noodles
  • cuddles with her mama
  • head-over-heels for her dad 
  • constant playmate of her sister
  • shares a room with Grace
  • has the sweetest disposition

Possibly the hardest thing to imagine when you have your first child is how you'll love your second child as much. Laura smashed all doubts. She makes me believe we'll welcome our third with just as eager arms. She has the biggest smile, loves her family so much, and is always ready for the next adventure. 

Here's to many more, my sweet heart! Happy birthday, Laura Kathleen! 

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  1. We got our boys camelbacks for their birthdays last year too. They love them. :) Happy Birthday Laura!

  2. Happy Birthday little Laura!! !What a sweetie! Glad gramma and grampa could be there for the big day!