Saturday, March 12, 2016

A 28th Birthday Party

Today is my birthday! We celebrated yesterday since dear husband had the day off (finally!!!!!), and he spoiled me with lemon garlic shrimp linguine, candles, tulips and watching the girls all the while. It was amazing.

We lack counter space, so Will put the cake (in a box) in a reachable spot because he forgets that little people also live here. I came down to Grace Harriet happily licking her fingers. Hmm. 

After dinner, getting her (and Laura!) to smile/ look away from the cake was not possible. 

She was very upset when I put her down to blow out my candle. She loves this cake. 

Laura devoured her piece too!

Oh hey hey familia! 

Grace, meanwhile...

Two pieces. She deserved it. 


Today was family time in the morning, then I took three hours of alone time, and the girls and I had a relaxing evening together while Will works a later shift. It's a very, very good day. 

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