Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Days 19, 20 & 21: For Better and For Worse

I uploaded a picture of our dogs on the 19th, but they were not properly published (in all their glory).

I took this cute picture on the 20th, but I had an appointment for my back (feels better!!!) and completely forgot to publish. Grace and I on a walk/ leaf expedition!

So here we are, on the 21st, and I almost went to bed without posting. It's been a long day. The man said that I would feel like a truck hit me (after working on my back muscles and nerves) and dang, it was a lethargic feeling day. Combine this with Grace Harriet only having one nap and one melt-down in a Target aisle later, we're ready for an early bed time.

And speaking of the 21st: I always think of my marriage to Will on the 21st of every month. {2 years and 10 months into forever!}

This is a view by his parents's house, a view we often saw during many walks together - talking and laughing, musing and planning.

In a total God move last week, a miracle happened: the stars aligned. Will mentioned wanting to go home for Christmas (he hasn't been home since Christmas 2013), and since we now know his Christmas schedule, I did a little plane research and found TWO direct flights with three seats together at a reasonable rate. So, for the first time in two years, we'll be back here, together again, and able to take a walk around the hilly terrace again. Or even better - a cold day hike around Mt. St. Francis, the monestary grounds nearby, where Will proposed.

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