Monday, October 5, 2015

Days 4 & 5: Sharing and Hoarding, a Toddler's Tale

Apologies for the delay... misplaced my phone yesterday, so, you know. I almost thought Grace had hidden it somewhere; this is a new game she is playing. Under the couch is where she likes to store her toys now -- that is, until she got this new kitchen island for her birthday from her grandparents. Now, she keeps her toys under the sink. Unfortunately for Grace, that is in Laura's range. Laura loves playing too. (And crawling toward me while I take a picture, or am sitting on the couch, or eating something, or working, or playing with her - did I mention what a cuddly sweetheart she is yet?)

Laura is a goof ball. She is a ham, like her sister, and she wants to play (with her sister). Grace is... learning how to share. Today, I found Will outside with Grace and Laura, playing with a red bouncy ball. 

"Watch Grace when I give Laura the ball," he said. Laura loved it. Grace put her hand to her face and squinted at us. We laughed. We played pass the ball between Dada, Mama, Grace and Laura, and by the end, Grace voluntarily passed to "Rawr-ra!"

So, sure, the sharing lesson is going to be a hard one for Grace - but she's adapting and even sharing, when Laura isn't pulling her hair or climbing on her back, as she was 10 seconds before this second picture was taken.

Space, Laura!!

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  1. She really is the cutest little thing! How sweet they are at this age (at all ages, who am I kidding!). God bless your sweet family!

  2. Space. It's tough! Lucy very cutely says to Lena, whenever the latter is smothering her with hugs and body-checks, "That's enough, Lena!"

  3. For good and for bad, it is fun to watch toddlers interact with their younger siblings. They bring lots of humor! ;)