Saturday, October 3, 2015

Day 3: What's Mine Is Yours

"Rawr-ra!" Grace comes in our room every morning and immediately calls out to her sister. Some mornings, Laura is already up. This morning, she was not.

Shhhhh!!!, I said; Laura is sleeping.

No longer - I looked down, and her beautiful eyes stared back at me. Sigh. Grace crawled over and looked at her sister, and then me.

"Down?" she requested. I acquiesced - and down she went into Laura's crib, where she cuddled Laura's blanket and took Laura's wubbanub (both similar to her's, but easier access at this point). Laura looks on, unsure of what to make of her sister's presence. Eventually, she'll half-roll over to Grace, and they'll cuddle together. Mornings can be sweet.

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  1. I couldn't stop laughing at "Rawr-ra!" So sweet. :-)