Saturday, June 6, 2015

Walk This Way

The girls and I just had the best week visiting my in-laws. Great-Aunt Susie came up from Missouri, Aunt Stephanie came in from Iowa, and we were fresh from Pennsylvania.

One day, we went to the best Mediterranean restaurant overlooking the Ohio River and Louisville. Grace had an equally fancy lunch.

She also worked on being discovered as an artist.

We took a walk across the Big Four Bridge and saw the construction of the new (much needed!) bridge. Hallelujah!

Hail to American industry...

It was a little cooler than the weatherman originally predicted, and just perfect for a long walk across the river. It's a fairly new walking bridge, and leads right to the river front, where Will and I had our third date. 

This summer, I'm looking forward to walking more (again) and exploring with my girls. I'm going to buy new running shoes when I'm in my hometown so I can start couch-to-5k training again (my postpartum fave), and I'm looking forward to exploring more parks and trails near our PA home.

How are you all getting out this summer? Any adventures on the horizon?

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1 comment:

  1. When you got to your 3rd date spot, did you lean down to the girls and say, "This is where you all started! *wink wink*"? ;)

    Get that running going! I'm running some races this summer - let's motivate each other!

    Also - come visit me, please :)