Thursday, June 25, 2015

#5Faves: Summer Needs

Since us Baldwin ladies are officially back on the east coast for the summer, there are a few things we are needing...


Sanuk sandals - yoga sling 2 variety

These babies are HEAVEN: made from recycled yoga mats, and I love the unique bands. These are actually my house sandals, as silly as that sounds. When talking to the running shoe saleswoman last week and discussing why I am looking for more support, she asked if I walk barefoot around the house.

"Sure," I replied.

"Then it doesn't matter if you have supportive shoes for outside if there is no support inside!" she replied.

So right. My feet are much happier! The coziness is unreal.


Grace loves water. She has swim therapy once a week, and when we were home, we took her to the swim club a few times. I realized a few things: I'll never be able to handle both girls at the pool; water is an awesome motivator for therapy; there's got to be an easier way to have fun without leaving our own inflatable pool.

Then again, we have a bag of play sand, so maybe this one: Step2 Shady Oasis Sand and Water Play Table

UPDATE (since writing this part): we actually bought this one last night: Step2 Splash N Scoop.

(Anyone else absolutely nails-on-the-chalkboard despise "N" instead of "and" too?!?)


My sister bought me an awesome glass water bottle for Christmas, but it's tough to share with Grace (who loves whatever Mom is drinking/eating), so I am buying a second water bottle for the not-so-secret reason that I adore camelbaks and I miss my old one.

I also bought this cute little one for Grace!


Our rental duplex has no air conditioning. Okay, we're okay. We have a couple of ceiling fans, a couple of little fans, and Laura even has her own personal fan (because girlfriend seems heat/humidity-sensitive). In the front room, I love our Honeywell tower - it cools down the room, isn't too noisy and really is a fantastic instrument. If we didn't have ceiling fans, I would buy more of these!

Swim diapers

Since disposable swim diapers are heck-a expensive, Grace has swim therapy once/ week, AND we're called to be stewards of the earth, these swim diapers are winners + super cute.

I also really like the Honest Company's collection - may need to buy a back-up pair!

My other summer must-haves: sparkling water, Aveeno sunscreen, my REI sunglasses, watermelon
Will's summer must-haves: cold coca-colas, fresh tennis balls, baseball hats, chips & salsa

What are your summer must-haves?

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