Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Waiting for Goslings

Hello from Indiana! Grace, Laura and I are visiting my in-laws and following the movements of a goose family. We watch them crossing the road between two nearby ponds. I am pretending to be an amateur ornithologist.

My MIL alerted us to their existence, and we're having a wonderful time watching.

It's just lovely weather in Indiana. A bit colder tan the weather man predicted, hence the sweater, jeans and blankets on the girls.

sweater: Ann Taylor LOFT// ThredUp
sandals: Born // DSW
stroller: Delta DX Side by Side Umbrella Stroller // Babies R Us
babies: Laura and Grace // Will + Julie 

I love watching the geese. I love their Roman history of guarding homes, and I know how many people have been traumatized by being chased or hissed at by a goose... but they are so beautiful and lovely from afar, and I love how geese mate for life.  My in-laws are especially glad that there are still six goslings in the bunch, and this family has not lost any to tragedy!

During this particular encounter, my MIL went closer, expecting them to honk at her; instead, they hissed, much to Grace's delight. This morning, Grace and my MIL watched them cross the road closer to the house, and the goslings practiced hissing at them while the parents calmly kept them in check. Just a wonderful scene to behold!

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1 comment:

  1. Adorable! Reminds me of Make Way For Ducklings, which I just read yesterday, for the first time! :-/ We saw a baby bunny on a walk this morning, I about died. Love that sweater, so chic!