Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Wanting/Needing: Baby Edition

Keeping it simple - it's a mantra to embrace, especially after surviving two moves post-wedding (with another one or two in a few years). When my husband and I added our belongings together, it seemed easy enough. We had minimal "things" collectively, and got to add on what we needed and were given through our wedding registry. We fit all our worldly possessions into a small uhaul and three cars, and voila! Here we are today.

Adding a baby to the mix has added a brand-new element of our "Do we need this? What are the baby's wants?" My husband is the Master of Less Is More, so I've had to justify every baby item we have in the house. Here's what I've deduced so far for infants only; as you get to know your baby, you can better know what they "need"!

2-3 newborn onesies
2-3 newborn sleepers
You will get so many clothes... especially from doting grandparents and friends. We did not find out the gender, so we have neutral clothes that work great. Also, unless have a baby bigger than 9 lbs, I would not worry about the baby not fitting into newborn sizes. 0-3 will be big on your baby, however, until 1-3 months, unless you have a bigger baby.

Nap time in the sleeper
1 Fisher-Price newborn rock 'n play sleeper
This sleeper is perfection - it fits newborns (and up!); it is safe to keep the baby in; the baby can sleep at an incline; the sleeper should fit next to the bed fine, and then you (mama!) do not have to get out of bed every time baby needs to feed. It is also very reasonably priced. I've heard of people using Pack 'n Plays as well.

You'll get these as presents. Lots of these. Wrap up that sweet thang.

1 car seat
You cannot leave the hospital without one! There are two options - convertible car seats and infant car seats + base. We currently use the latter with the former in storage.

1 stroller
Yes! I have this one - Baby Trend Snap 'n Go, which we use her car seat at the carrier and there is ample room below to carry groceries in; and as someone who lives in the city and walks to the grocery store with the baby, it really is invaluable. Yes, it has a cup holder too. I also found this snazzy Baby Jogger City Mini with car seat adaptability that looks awesome as well!

1 BabyErgo + newborn carrier
Serious love for this carrier - you can still use both hands and baby gets swaddled up so cozy. Helps calm fussy babies!

2 round pacifers
Babies like to suckle, and if your baby has a good latch, go for it. Seriously. They advise not before one month... I started a week or so in, just to calm Grace down. Her latch is still great and she loves it. I recommend round because that is the shape babies know in their little mouth; Grace would not take the contoured kind.

Her natural habitat
A sense of humor and patience
Oh honey, you'll need it!

1 Contoured Changing Pad
1-3 changing pad covers (I love anything aden + adais)
I was inclined to put this in the "need" category because I love ours so much, but I will concede that a fluffy towel will work just as well.

Toys, books and music
Baby don't care. Yet. The only amusement baby wants is to be held. That being said...

1 baby swing
Very nice and handy when you want to shower or clean up the kitchen or need a break. I love it when Grace falls asleep in it!

Crib, mattress, waterproof mattress pad, sheets
Grace won't be sleeping in hers for another couple months since she sleeps next to us. I know it's fun to set up the nursery, though! I like having our crib ready for action.

Changing table + dresser
Grace's dresser has space for her changing pad, which I treat as her changing table. That is upstairs, though, and since she is with us, the changing pad is on top of a flat surface in our room and her clothes are in a cute plastic box. She's all ready to move up there but, again, it certainly is not an immediate need. And really, if we had not been given the dresser, we might have improvised.

Bath tub, baby wash clothes & towels
Technically, you can always get by using adult ones (but the baby ones are much softer, so I like them) and washing the baby in/near the sink. My friend has this little bathtub and I might buy it for Grace too! It seems great!

Rocking chair
Honestly, you'll probably prefer the couch anyways.

1-3 nursing sleep bras
Invest in bras that can adjust cup sizes - I recommend wireless, too. I am 98% sure this is the one I have and I love it.

2+ boxes of nursing pads
I like Lansinoh's because they have adhesive on the back to stick to your bra... it's the little things.

4-6 boxes of newborn diapers + wipes
They eat a lot; they poop a lot. Shazam. You change their diaper a lot. I am not in the cloth diaper camp. I have changed too many poopy diapers in my day to want to do anything besides throw them away. Also, if your baby gets poop on anything, buy Biz detergent. Miracles happen, I tell you!! I love this product.

Boppy/ pillows
Super handy while nursing and falling asleep/ resting 

Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, books on tape... good luck reading (though I still try). Baby requires all hands on deck for optimal happiness!
Mom and I got gelato at Fresh Market - yum!

Have easy to prepare foods available for you, especially nutrient-full. Since you won't be moving too much, unhealthy foods will weigh you down and you'll be extra tired. You will want all the nutrients you can eat for energy and your baby! My favorites: eggs, oatmeal, fruits & vegetables, Chobain greek yogurt, Kind bars, Progresso soup.

Postpartum clothes
Don't buy too many. I prefer my pregnancy shirts to my nursing shirts. I love my yoga pants, but anything remotely comfy works.

1 keepsake box
I got mine at Michael's for $2; I put all the cards sent to Grace, stuff from the hospital, her ultrasounds, etc.

A good filing system
Start keeping track of all your baby's health records, milestones, insurance, social security card, etc.! And request two birth certificates at the hospital, if possible.

Pump, etc.
If you're going back to work. I have yet to try mine out; no real rush here.

Baby shampoo/ body wash; rubbing alcohol + cotton pads; Vitamin D supplement drops
Got to keep Baby clean and healthy! I also have Little Remedies gripe water for Grace's hiccups.

Thank you notes
For all the presents bebe will receive!

Never, ever, ever, ever let anyone take this away from you, new mama. EVER.

What baby really wants and needs - one on one time with you!
Anything I missed?

Mighty thanks to Anna for the inspiration/ asking the question!


  1. I think a crib is a necessity. I have heard of too many stories from too many L&D nurses/aunts whose patients have smothered their babies in their sleep, and not noticed it until it was too late.

    1. I think a crib is a necessity for later months, when the baby is sleeping through the night. Grace does not sleep in our bed - she sleeps in the fisher price rock 'n sleep, which is an inclined sleeping area - very safe!

  2. Girl, you've got this! (All hands on deck, no kidding!)
    I used the Beco baby carrier for newborn to 10 months; after that switching to the Ergo. I loved them both!
    Take care of yourself. :)

  3. I totally agree about the 2 birth certificates! It's easy to replace them, but it's still a pain when you tear the house apart looking for them. I'd also recommend (along with the onesies and sleepers) 2-3 romper (long sleeved and legged onesies without feet) just until you figure out if your baby runs hot or cold. I definitely did not use anything other than onesies. sleepers, and rompers until the baby was 6 months old. Oh, and make sure to get the zip sleepers! You do not want to be dealing with snaps in the middle of the night.

  4. fantastic list! it is truly remarkable how little a baby really needs. top on my list after 3.5 years are 1) aden and anais swaddle blankets (we STILL use these to hang on the side of bruno's bed so he doesn't get distracted by seb in the room!), and they make great summer blankets for toddlers. 2) A well stocked medicine/remedies box. Keep it all in one spot, too! There are few things as stressful as a sick or teething baby and you realize, "oops! we're all out of tylenol!" Poor Cody has had to take way too many late night trips to the drugstore. 3) A baby carrier. We, too, LOVE our Ergo. We also have the Maya carrier which is fantastic as well. Next time I would love to round out our collection with a Solly Baby carrier. 4) This isn't really an essential item as much as it is a super fantastic tip (like my confidence?): Beyond a stroller, a bed, and a carseat, get big ticket items from consignment stores or borrow from friends! Just ask around. I know so many parents who said, "My baby hated the swing!" etc. PS. The baby bjorn travel crib is perfection, if anyone was wondering. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Julie! I love talking about this stuff... ; )