Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

We dressed Grace up like a bowl of candy corn today! Around here, trick-or-treaters don't come... the little kids get dressed and go to Halloween parties! The big kids do too - my neighbors sound like they're having a party!

My MIL and SIL are down here visiting, and we'll be having our own party tonight. It's been really fun having the extra company and help. Food too! My SIL is cooking and the kitchen smells heavenly...

Will has an interview in Baton Rouge tomorrow, so he's off cavorting with other applicants, residents and attendings! He'll be home tomorrow in time for All Saints' Day mass; my FIL will be down here by then too! I'm starting to research how to better live liturgically - perhaps by celebrating our favorite saints? Then mass again on All Souls' Day for our dearly departed? I'll write more on this soon.

Family picture before Will left to drive to an interview (dinner)
Today is also my little brother John's big 16th birthday! He's unreachable for a birthday sing until Sunday - he hopped on a bus to Tennessee today for a big regatta in TN tomorrow! He'll be in four boat. My brother Michael's girlfriend Lilah will also be racing there tomorrow at the collegiate level - prayers for both of them and their teams to rock their races!!

Love my little family!
I hope y'all have a wonderfully spooky evening! Do the Monster Mash!

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