Thursday, October 13, 2011

He Loves Me!

"He Loves Me" by Mark Van Doren

That God should love me is more wonderful
Than that I so imperfectly love him.
My reason is mortality, and dim
Senses; his--oh, insupportable--
Is that he sees me. Even when I pull
Dark thoughts about my head, each vein and limb
Delights him, though remembrance in him, grim
With my worst crimes, should prove me horrible.
And he has terrors that he can release.
But when he looks he loves me; which is why
I wonder; and my wonder must increase
Till more of it shall slay me. Yet I live,
I live; and he has never ceased to give
This glance at me that sweetens the whole sky.

Also, today is the 22nd birthday of my darling sister Kato! To celebrate, she went skydiving on Sunday. But more on that later.

Kato's the one with the strings pulled right and velcro shoes. We real cool.
Happy Thursday!


  1. How cute! Also, velcro shoes are awesome!

  2. I love that poem!

    Happy birthday, Kato! (No reference to The Pink Panther and Inspector Cluseau's houseboy, I hope?)

  3. Actually, it is! Kato is one of my many nicknames for my sister. :) Always said, of course, in an elongated and higher-pitched voice!