Saturday, October 29, 2011

My Name's MacWhat?

A MacBeth rap by the Cincinnati Shakespeare Company

Also, some perspective on this Anonymous nonsense:

"Anonymous should be ignored by all Shakespeare lovers" by Francis Phillips at the Catholic Herald

"Shakespeare authorship fantasists don't understand how plays actually get written" by Allan Massie at The Telegraph

And still more, from P.G. Wodehouse's Episode of the Dog McIntosh:

Wooster: "What did he say?"

Jeeves: "I cannot recall his exact words, sir, but he drew a comparison between your mentality and that of a cuckoo."

Wooster: "A cuckoo, eh?"

Jeeves: "Yes, sir. To the bird's advantage."

1 comment:

  1. "Only foolish snobs don't believe in Shakespeare."

    Love it. (I can't access the second article.)

    I saw the trailer for this movie Anonymous and couldn't believe it... what people are able to make money off of these days...