Monday, August 16, 2010

Monday, Monday

"All is vanity; and time and matter, and motion, and force, and the will of man, how vain are they all, except as instruments of the grace of God, blessing them and working with them! How vain are all our pains, our thought, our care, unless God uses them, unless God has inspired them! how worse than fruitless are they, unless directed to His glory, and given back to the Giver!"
--from John Henry Newman's last sermon he gave as an Anglican

Here's a great video featuring Fr. Robert Barron on Anne Rice leaving Christianity:

"Here's my fear: that Anne Rice is moving towards an abstract Jesus... Otherwise you're not dealing with the reality, but an abstraction."

Father Barron's other videos are excellent as well. I like the Christopher Hitchens and Anti-Catholicism ones especially. Today Laura and I collaborated on a really neat short video; it'll be posted tomorrow. I have the fourth (and maybe final?) budget meeting tomorrow too, as well as an interview. I need to read and prepare for tomorrow's busyness, but I'm off for a night run instead! (Don't worry, I stay in busier areas of the neighborhood.)


  1. Great stuff Julie. I can't actually watch the video here, simply because of location. But I really want o start reading the sermons of John Henry Newman. Ian Faley told me he would read them as devotionals in the morning and loved them. I should get my hands on a copy. Add that to the list that includes G.K. Chesterton's Orthodoxy.

    P.S. Were you there when we stayed at the Newman House in D.C. when a bunch of us were looking at his picture on the wall and I said, "You know he's my great great grandfather?" To which I got the response of, "The celibate priest?" That was such a great trip. Even if we didn't really sleep at all the entire time. :)

  2. Ben, definitely watch it later, it is very thought provoking about what it means to be in the Body of Christ. (The premise is that author Anne Rice recently said she believes in Jesus but is not a Christian.) Newman is wonderful, you should definitely read him. His words are like calm waters after a storm and I think you'll enjoy reading him immensely.

    p.s. yes I was! You went out to dinner and beer with my GW friends and me, remember? I don't remember that incident specifically, but I was in charge of housing for the entire trip so I was running around making sure everyone was set-up for the night and ready for the early morning. That was definitely a great trip! :)