Tuesday, August 3, 2010

What rhymes with Balloon Flake?

Family vacations are true acts of love. Firstly, my parents take their six kids together in one car. Secondly, since adopting Heidi four years ago, we take her with us.  Heidi likes to lie across a row, specifically if she knows you are trying to read or write.

Exhibit A- Heidi on my reading materials while driving up to Maine (summer 2008):

So that's 2 parents + 6 kids + 1 dog = 1 car. Yes, you read that right. One large vehicle which never seems to have enough space. My Uncle Mark came with us this year, though, so we had to take two cars. Fortunately, whenever we get to a destination, we usually forget about how we got there and relax. Here are a few highlights from the marvelous trip up north:

 Makin' s'mores, our vacation food of choice.
All the siblings and Heidi.
Best picture of Heidi EVER.
Me playing soccer with John and Megan.

My favorite picture from vacation.

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