Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Frostian Inspiration

We're doing presentations in my Robert Frost class right now. Most people have covered Robert Frost and nature, his perception of mercy and justice, marriage, labor as a redemptive activity, and other exciting topics like that.

Today, Dr. Willson posed a question at the end of lecture about why Robert Frost never wrote about beer. Since I have nothing else to do but write 5 papers, I was inspired after class today to write a poem as I thought it a very good question, deserving of a thorough analyzing and explanation. I have yet to title it, but I do hope y'all like it regardless.

99 bottles of beer on the wall!
And here comes Dr. Willson down the hall!
He poses the question to the class—
What kind of beer would Robert Frost have filled in his glass?
Jay Parini never specified what Frost liked to drink,
so this inquiry certainly makes me think.
Did he develop a taste for beer on his native grounds?
or did he enjoy brewery products only bought in British pounds?
Perhaps he thought pale ale would suffice:
but then again, a brown ale should have been just as nice.
A dark stout, then, for the dark, snowy nights,
and a lager or two, when the mood was just right.
It’s true Frost never wrote a poem on the virtues of a brew,
much preferring topics like Love and Nature found in a bird’s coo.
If analyzing is to come into play
(as it often does with poetry when scholars feel the need to share their say)
then maybe, dear teacher, here’s the kicker:
Robert Frost didn’t write about beer because he liked his liquor!

The bell just rang out for lunch! Eat quickly then back to prose/ papers, classes, more paper writing...

Oh, and in happy news, I just got an e-mail from Dr. Wenzel saying I was authorized for the Libertarian/ Conservative Debate class!! I was on the wait-list and had not heard anything, so I presumed I did not get in. I signed up for American Government instead, which I am sure would have been the same as my AP Gov class, but I have scheduling conflicts with all the other political science classes I wanted to take (like a course on the Federalist Papers, pure awesomeness!). I am going to have one of the best and hardest semesters ever, but good classes and excellent teachers are always, always worth the extra work and effort. So excited!

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