Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Deck the Kappa Halls with Boughs of Holly

Still the best Christmas song:

I apologize for the second post but I needed a break from my Otis paper and thus decided to delete and send e-mails. Then I remembered I had a draft saved of a blog post I shan't be publishing. Unfortunately, I was too impulsive with the 'delete' button. Mea culpa!

The Muppets continue charming and are still awesome. Miss Piggy is especially classic. I've loved this song since I was a small person and shall love it till I am old and wear my trousers rolled.

Excited to say I am made process on two of my five papers tonight. Had a lovely run with Marisa tonight, as well as a much needed amble with Vivy in the brisk Hillsdale air. The moon was especially full and bright tonight against the navy sky, which is to say, quite a sight to behold. The moonlight lit up our usual path with a gentle but generous outpouring. I hope our walks don't stop with the coming of deep snow.

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