Monday, November 30, 2009

If it's Brown, Flush it Down

Cincinnati Bengals beat the Cleveland Browns today, 16-7. Sorry Rach, but you know the saying...

This is a picture of my dog by the front door, staring out at cars. I took the picture this afternoon. Note the pink bow; we like to think it detracts from her ferocity. She is a quite lovable dog, but her excitement at meeting new people and dedication to guarding the house can oftentimes overwhelm people. She really is the sweetest though, and I will soon miss taking her on walks and having her underfoot.

I got back from Thanksgiving break tonight only the realize that I had MeLCat books waiting for me at the library, books that will be quite helpful in the three papers I shall be finishing writing this week. I did not get nearly enough done over break, but c'est la vie. Break was great; going home is always tres bon, but this one was especially fun because a friend came in from Chicago, adding to the Robison extravaganza. The more the merrier! as Dad likes to say, and it certainly was a blast.

Julie's Thanksgiving Break, the break-down: mass with the family; story-time homilies; Thanksgiving deliciousness; whiskey sours; seeing a plethora of aunts, uncles and cousins; larding around the house; watching John Cusack play the same character he always plays, only in a more minor role; replacing the batteries in the smoke alarm to appease Andrew; drinking beer with the friends; Zip's with Besl and Haynes, followed by Graeter's ice cream (I branched out and had blueberry pie ice cream, which not only benefited the children but had blueberries and pie crust in it); Andrew putting his B.S. degree to use with John's sixth grade science paper; watching a Charlie Brown Christmas on Charles Schultz's birthday; UC Bearcats domination over Illinois and the possibility of tailgating; Cincinnati Zoo; Skyline and the Tabasco sauce filled oyster crackers incident(s); Jungle Jim's alcohol section/ wing; hanging with the familia and pets; attempting to read research.

It is important to remember that Thanksgiving break feasting is more than just turkey and stuffing, though, as good as it is-- favoritest things we ate: pumpkin pie, chocolate chip cookie bars that tasted like raw cookie dough (only baked, obviously), late-night grilled cheese.

I am extremely tired. Listening to Christmas music is not helping me stay awake, although listening to snippets of Bob Dylan croon (croak?) Christmas tunes did give me a temporary burst of energy when I laughed at how horrible he now sounds, which may sound meaner than I intend it. In my smallish opinion, if he wasn't Bob Dylan, that album never would have been produced. Then again, if I wasn't such a Bob Dylan fan, then I wouldn't care; but I am and he's hurting my Bob feelings and my ears.

I am thinking I am going to switch my honors seminar paper/ project to a different correspondence. I've been reading letters between Flannery O'Connor and the Brainard Cheneys, which are quite good, but not quite what I'd like to do, as much as I love reading O'Connor.

Instead, I think I might write on this other book of correspondence between this American woman and a British bookseller I found by chance last week. It's called '84, Channing Cross Road.' Their whole relationship was through letters over a 20 year period. It's extremely literary, lively, charming and all business. They never met (the bookseller died suddenly), but she published their correspondence and I think it's exactly the kind of off-the-beaten path correspondence I'd like to write about. Most people in the class are doing famous people like Robert E. Lee or the Russian Empress Alexandria. I think it would be much more interesting to have less significant people and how their lives were truly shaped and now somewhat defined by these letters. I'm not finished with the book yet (I only picked it up from the library tonight), but it's an easy read. My presentation is Wednesday and my paper is due the following Wednesday on the last day of class. It should be excellent.

My roommate-who-dyed-her-hair-blonde-over-break is going to bed. Seriously considering joining her, but then again may continue to read. Overall analysis: good to be back in the H-Dale, even if the weather is cold and rainy. The ride back to campus was good; I am particularly fond of both Kate and Sam, which made the trip even better. Kappas are starting to decorate their rooms for Christmas and listening to Christmas music; special props to my sisters across the hall for their wreath, mini-Christmas tree and lights. More dedication then I will show, I admit. I am thinking about making an Advent wreath out of construction paper, though--maybe little construction paper flames to accompany it? Yes?

First Sunday of Advent, lighting of the first purple candle (hope)-- veni, veni, Emmanuel!

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