Wednesday, November 25, 2009

First Day of Thanksgiving Break!

"I don't know how I got this! And I've been sober for weeks!"
--my sister Katie to me, showing me a bruise she got

Home for Thanksgiving. Been running errands and cleaning up around the house. This seems like a pretty typical first day back home. My little sister Megan put a pink bow on our dog's collar and her ferocity is gone. It's amazing. Even when she barks, everyone just goes "aww, Heidi!"

I went downtown to Avril's to buy goetta (delicious breakfast meat specific to Cincinnati), which was a lot of fun. I like going down there occasionally. Avril Bleh & Sons Meat Market is this old German family business, so it's a neat environment. I bought a loaf, which is a little over 10 pounds, so I got cracks about being in a big family and then the guy at the register called me "Miss Goetta." The only downside is that I got hollered at by a guy in a group: "Hey cracka girl, where you goin'?!" I found it more amusing than anything else.

Davey invited me Hofbrauhaus with the guys for dinner tonight. I'm so excited to see them! Bearcats plays Friday, so I think Katie, Andrew and I will go down to UC to tailgate at the SAE house and see Bianca, who will up for the game.

Back to cleaning and organizing. People decided to use my room to open boxes in storage. My cousin's here!! Ciao!

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