Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Chicken fingers for lunch? Chickens have fingers?!

I found this written on a piece of paper while cleaning up--

"Choose: grinding poverty or frequent trips to the Hampton."

--my dad's advice to me regarding my future career options

I got an e-mail today from the Editor in Chief of Academic Questions, a journal of the National Associations of Scholars, to write an article for their upcoming issue. She said the head of the CN recommended me. I'm quite excited and all ready brainstorming what I shall be writing on. I need to tell her in two weeks or so, but I think I have a rough idea. The prompt has to do with traditional values and Western Civilization in the current academic and social setting.

Only one class this morning, so the day is being spent organizing all my research, etc. I have papers everywhere in my room and it is getting a little ridiculous. Mom called me to let me know she is mailing my umbrella that I left at home over Fall Break today, along with a few more treats, like pictures of the family and jail cookies. We call them "jail cookies" because, last weekend, Dad and my sister Katie made chocolate chip and oatmeal cookies for the inmates jailed downtown. A priest at our church works with them and he asked parishioners to make cookies, so my family of course went over the top and made 24 dozen. They had a few to spare so they are sending them to me!

I also have a Delta Pi Nu (AS honorary) dinner at 6:30, where I shall be doing a mini-presentation on my thesis with the other senior American Studies majors. There's only four of us, which is one of my favorite parts of the major. Then I've got Kappa stuff and then more homework! Good, solid day.

Peace be with you all today and may the sun shine down on your face, even if from behind clouds.

"If the world is against truth, then I am against the world." -St. Athanasius

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