Sunday, December 11, 2016

Baldwin Babes: Winter 2016 Edition

It's been such a long time since writing that I can only provide highlights. Will is done with his last Trauma rotation. Will has job offers. The children are extra busy. I am (still) learning to handle challenges and, when I find myself having a good day, can hardly recognize myself from a bad day.

I am still teaching. I am cleaning out our house. I am laughing that my office has been such a wreck since I started tossing papers... oh well. Comes with the cleaning out territory, I suppose.

Today I fixed soup which I give a B (I need to work on salting better... terrified of over-salting); oatmeal chocolate chip bars which I give an A-; graded; cleaned the downstairs again; took care of the children; took care of the sick husband; reminded myself to get to bed "earlier than usual".

So, hi again. Happy Advent. Here's what we've been doing for the past month...

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