Monday, January 2, 2017

Nordstrom Sale (January 2017): Four Picks

This month, I am going on a buying fast. So, obviously, when the Nordstrom sale came into my peripheral vision, I had to buy something because my in-laws gave me a gift card for Christmas! And it's the last day of the sale!!!!


Main Image - kate spade new york 'one in a million' initial pendant necklace

Isn't it lovely and delicate? I wear a lot more chunky necklaces, especially ones prime to be grabbed. This one will be great for a date out.

Main Image - The North Face 'Recon' Backpack

I am throwing out/ donating bags and making room for this one. I can wear it without breaking my shoulder (because it'll be filled with diapers/wipes/crayons/juice boxes/packets, etc.), and it's adorable enough that both Will and I can wear it no problem. (In cosmic blue heather/ coral because black/ 14k gold was a little too cosmopolitan for us.)

Main Image - American Atelier Set of 4 Confetti Stemless Wine Glasses

Along the same lines of decluttering... we gave away most of our wine glasses, and are left with three. (The fourth broke.) When I was visiting my family in Cincinnati over Thanksgiving, they had stemless wine glasses and I loved them. There is always a reason for a stem, but these are stemless and have confetti - a perfect festive combo! Red wine for all!

Main Image - Levtex Drum Basket
I just gave away our toy holder to another family because the girls could not keep their toys cleaned up. Instead, it works much better to have one large container to hold everything. We're currently using a plastic tub which is much less chic than this neutral, textured basket. I am excited - I bought the medium sized one!

Are you buying anything today? Are you doing anything to kick off January? 

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