Friday, May 6, 2016

What does a Third Babe Need? The Simple-ish Plan

I love interior design. It should be considered a hobby, considering how much time I spend perusing websites, daydreaming and planning for a day when we'll buy matching furniture... then again, matching is boring. Complementary furniture! I like!

We've been extremely lucky to be given so much when Grace was in utero, so she came into this world with a Pottery Barn crib, a lovely dresser that my SIL Ellen painted pretty, a baby swing, a rock 'n play, Aden and Anais blankets (the best, period), and lots of pretty clothes (once we knew she was a girl!). When Laura was in utero, we needed even less quantity and more bulk - she shares clothes, and got a pack 'n play, new carrier (a ring sling to join the beloved ergo), and two double strollers (one jogger, one umbrella).

Now, Bebe Baldwin - my third bambino and my first boy. What does he need?

Need: (v.) require (something) because it is essential or very important.

Clothing, of course, is a need - but how many onesies does one really need? I bought the most adorable newborn onesies for Grace, and of course, she was a girl, so my MIL and Mom began buying her pink clothing ASAP. There is probably something to be said for gender neutral clothing and sharing it... We do have enough gender neutral clothes to get him through the first few months, so I am not even going to put clothes on my list. Plus, as soon as you have given birth, people begin sending you adorable things they find. TRUST ME ON THIS.

sleep needs

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  • crib
  • sound machine
  • muslin sleep sack
We are using our extra pack 'n play that Laura currently naps in (in the guest room), so we don't need to buy one to set up in our bedroom, and I already have an extra sound machine that I bought in panic after (temporarily) losing one. Check, check! Since Bebe will be a summer baby, he'll need a light, muslin sleep sack to keep him warm enough. We have one, and I bought him this one too.

I'm ready for my close-up... I mean, diaper change.

resting and self soothing 

  • blanket(s)
  • downstairs pack 'n play
  • wubbanub
Grace and Laura both have a Baby Starter satin and minky blanket, which they lovelovelove. Unfortunately, they come in three colors: blue, pink and white. I am not buying Bebe (or any baby) a white blanket. Is that some sort of joke?!

I found MEG Originals on Amazon, and ordered this one. It came, beautifully wrapped in tissue paper, and is so soft and lovely. I hope Bebe just loves his new blanket! Our super durable Aden + Anais swaddle blankets are still in use (the girls wrap their baby dolls up!) buuuut maybe I need just one more new muslin swaddle blanket too? (FINE, DEFINE "NEED" AGAIN.) We have two extra wubbanubs since Laura is not taken with hers still.


Things you think are safe and put away... are never. 

  • Clothes storage/ organization
  • cute baskets for diaper/ wipes

This is my most vague component because it requires a lot of creativity based on the situation. Remember that this is the THIRD child, but also remember that this family is moving next summer post-graduation and his parents are not super into adding more furniture to our current collection... so I found this, and we love it. Just set it up, still deciding how to organize... baskets, baskets everywhere! They're handy, I swear. I like canvas ones for storage; wicker or seagrass for everything else.

in and out needs (boring basics)
{We use...}

  • Nursing pads - Lansinoh
  • Diapers - Pampers 
  • Wipes - Pampers
  • Stain Remover* - Seventh Generation spray; Biz detergent 
  • Vitamin D drops - Enfamil 
  • Diaper cream - Desitin 
  • Lotion - Aveeno
  • Hand sanitizer - Babyganics 
  • convertible car seat - Britax
  • minivan** - Honda Odyssey

*because newborn baby blow-outs are very, very real

**We actually tried to buy a minivan today, which was an epic failure due to rain, traffic and GHB mysterious throwing up for the first time [during a car trip] ... so FINGERS CROSSED that we can get the papers signed tomorrow. Minivan shopping is one part research (thanks Kelley Blue Book, Car Fax and my MIL), one part budget and one part ninja. We've missed out on multiple van possibilities simply by people buying the car as we found them - but this one is secure for now. Egads! Do not recommend van shopping when you're due to have a baby sooner than later... c'est la vie.

more help!

My mom snuggling with her granddaughters! 

  • Amazon Prime
  • Meals
  • Babysitting
  • Gift cards
  • Cleaning Service
  • Family visits

What else? Amazon Prime means I can order almost anything from home and never leave... I've heard about grocery delivery as well, which intrigues me. Having babies so far from family and friends is definitely a sad spot for me - it was so different being part of the process whenever my mom had a baby. I try not to be jealous of not having a similar kind of supportive community here in town, but I am very human in this respect. That being said - we are so lucky to have both of our families travel extensively in these last few months (and the months to come!) to spend time with us and help out!

Yay! Aunto Kato came in town after her NYC trip!

Come back soon!

Maybe I can get baby announcements/ thank you cards out on time this third round...? (Hashtag hahahahahaha)

Bebe Baldwin, mama is waiting! I am so excited to snuggle you all summer long. Two more weeks of school - or less! If you come earlier! Wink-wink. 

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  1. It's amazing how little #3 actually needs! Our #4 is 9 months old, and we've not had to buy much at all for her. She doesn't mind that her clothes are in rubber tubs for now. :) We might have to do more shopping if we're blessed with a #5, though because things wear out.