Sunday, May 29, 2016

Paternity Leave in Pictures: Part I

Today is Will's last day of paternity leave/ vacation time and it was glorious. I mean, truly. Sure, I am sleep deprived beyond anything before and I definitely have a touch of the baby blues (not PPD, fortunately... still working through all the emotional highs and lows); but when I get overwhelmed, Will is (was) there to help me breath, or remind me to eat, or give me perspective, or let me cry into him.

And on that note, here's a splattering of all the fun we Baldwin babes have enjoyed with our favorite guy around the house more than we've ever had during residency.

Reading books together every night; Laura trying to look natural before the umpteenth attempt at stealing Dad's glasses off his face...

Woohoo! Nana bought the girls a tunnel!

Will and I fit through it too; we checked.

Took Stephen and Laura to their first Emergency Department Family Picnic; everyone just drank Stephen up. Laura loved all the dogs and climbing up the slides; played well with the older kids too! Will and I lost horseshoes miserably. Will played frisbee and regained his street cred. I made play dates like a champion.

These were some of the best times - just being with each other. Too often, we underestimate the importance of not doing something special. We lose the art of being; of being content with ourselves and with others as we build our relationships.

When school (well, classes) were over for me, that is really when time started to hold out a bit longer. Then it got hot, which always helps the clock drag. And somewhere in those ticking minutes, we find ourselves. We find our family - how we love, how we tick, how we move, and how we interconnect. While building blocks together on the porch (in the oppressive heat of a spring late arriving), we are literally building our family unit closer by the time spent just being.

So I repeat: how glorious.

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