Saturday, July 18, 2015

Picnic Post and Poconos

Hi gang!

We're off to vacation today! We're going to the Poconos (1-2 hours away, depending on who you drive with) with my family and in-laws. My mom and two of my sisters arrived last night, and we'll leave soonish. Wanted to drop a little link love for the next week:

Three billion miles away, no problem: Houston, we have pictures of Pluto! Thanks NASA!

If you've never heard of Sr. Theresa A. Noble, now's the time. A former atheist/ current Catholic nun, she writes (well!!) for Patheos. Her latest is gold: 5 Tips: When Friends and Family Disagree on Gay Marriage

I've been perusing the web for some supplementary reading for my AP kids, and ran across this great piece by Lawrence Reed at The Freeman (publication of FEE, or Foundation for Economic Education) about Anne Hutchinson: America’s First Feminist Was a Radical Libertarian

If you're interested in urban planning, I loved this piece from The Manhattan Institute’s Center for Rethinking Development: Four Jane Jacobs Ideas that Should Have Made a Difference

Laura at Mothering Spirit touched a lot of hearts with her piece "the essay I never wrote"

As a ballet lover and a mother of a child with cerebral palsy, I adored this post on the NYC ballet: "The New York City Ballet Conducts Workshops For Disabled Children"

Nike collaborated with a CP kid to make these shoes too. So cool.

For my vacation week, I bought Harper Lee's latest and am very excited about it. NPR's review is spot-on, especially concerning the initial backlash: 'Go Set A Watchman' Is A Revelation On Race, Not A Disappointment

This is a surprising piece from NYT's Modern Love section about how a couple faces adversity: Superheroes, Just for Each Other

Thanks First Things for this woman-roar!! piece: Learning from Bodies

Finally, this is THE BEST article I have read on marriage, well, ever: The Wedding Toast I’ll Never Give

Cheers from us Baldwins, catch y'all in a week!

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  1. From your blog the other day - on the girls - how do they do when you take them to Mass?

  2. They are generally excellent at mass, fortunately for us!