Wednesday, May 13, 2015


The excitement around here is palpable. Post-shift studying at its finest/ lamest:

I am done with classes at the end of this month; I am taking a break from grading to share that we are doing fine! ::waves::

Will rocked in his in-service exam and is currently experiencing multiple EM rotations in a row - which is a real treat because most rotations are EM/ off-service rotation/ EM, etc. He likes the continuity. This also means we're able to take him a meal every so often! No good deed goes unpunished, however - after the enthusiasm of seeing Dad, both girls refused to smile for me...

Oh yeah, look at that sweet ride. Our new umbrella double stroller! I love it - it's compact when folded, easy to use, and both girls fit into it. It's especially great for short trips, like going to therapy.

Grace is doing really well in her therapies! In speech therapy, she's saying more animal sounds and car/train sounds when she sees a picture or hears a train or car. At her neurology appointment on Friday, she delighted the neurologist by says "oo oo oo!" for the stuffed monkey a few times. She has an app on our iPad called "Starfalls ABC" that is a wonderful, wonderful resource and interactive game. It is a wonderful blend of sounds, words, pictures, songs and activities. Definitely an app she can grow with as well! (Recommended by her first therapist, Ms. Lisa!)

In occupational therapy, she's doing well with her distal movement - moving her right arm more from the shoulder than proximal, by the hand. She cannot purposefully hold or let go of an object, so we are working a lot on that. She can get frustrated, but does really well using the whole arm to knock down a tower, push a coin into her piggy bank, or knock a puzzle piece off the board. She's also resisting a lot less, which is fantastic.

We stretch and massage her limbs, and she's very limber right now. Physical therapy is also going well. She loves pool therapy and does well at transitional walking/ weight bearing when she agrees to participate without getting frustrated and pulling away. It can be hard to watch her struggle - but seeing how far she's already come is motivation to keep pushing and encouraging her. Her right leg and foot is definitely more affected than her left, so we're toying with the idea of a soft orthotic... then again, her progress in a few months may not require that. It really is a waiting game, in some capacity. She has the strength and ability to walk... but she's just not ready.

Laura, our concerned citizen of the world, dazzles us with her smiles and babbles. She is our sweet baby and I love spending so much time with her. I've loved watching these two interact as well - Grace is the loving older sister who tries to put Laura's binky back in her mouth (or eye) and will cover her with a blanket. Sure, on the floor Laura might resemble a stool and Grace might try to sit on her - but all in all, Grace is very gentle with Laura and always happy to see her.

By the way, Laura is already TWO MONTHS OLD. What.

Must finish lecture now. I need three more slides, and then I'll take another turn with Laura (Will has her), who is not particularly happy tonight. Shhhhh. The fun never stops around here, huh?

My oh my what a wonderful day!

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    I need to see Laura. The last time I saw her, she was about 36 weeks in utero? So it's been too long!