Saturday, August 23, 2014

My View (vol. 20)

What I am reading: "18 Reasons Why Doctors and Lawyers Homeschool Their Children" by Kathleen Berchelmann, M.D.

This is an article, not a book. I was privately educated my entire life; Will was half-privately educated, and half-homeschooled (the ultimate private education!) from second through eighth grade. He loved it - it worked well for him. Before we got married, we discussed the possibility of homeschooling the children. I was extremely wary of it, to say the least.

I was hired last fall as a teacher for Memoria Press, for their online classical school, to teach U.S. History (6-8 grade) and AP U.S. History (9-12 grade). The school primarily caters to homeschooling families, and the more I learn about how Memoria operates, the more I think, this is way more manageable and possible! Plus, Will is an awesome teacher. He is patient, informative and always thinks of alternate ways to explain things. And us together? What a solid school!

Homeschooling is not a definite. When the time comes, I will enroll Grace in pre-school and see how she thrives. I am also in love with the Montessori school method, and would be very happy to enroll the kids in that kind of learning environment.

I did not have a bad experience in grade school or high school; but I didn't have the best experience either. I could have used more positive and personal attention from teachers, and less bullying from my classmates. I love how Dr. Berchelmann explains how their schedule works, what works for them, and how homeschooling has enriched their family life.

Besides, Grace already wants to read Will's journal articles:

Favorite eats: Kashi almond bars. Chobain yogurt. Fried chicken and rice (from The Feed Zone). Stawberries!

This week in history: Grace and I flew home yesterday to attend a funeral this morning of a very dear family member. Her death came as a complete shock. I found out via a phone call from my mother: I was sitting in the hospital cafeteria, waiting for Will to give him his dinner. Grace was in her stroller, hamming for anyone who caught her eye. I was in total shock while talking to Mom, and then began sobbing in the cafeteria after we hung up. One of Will's friends/ a fellow resident saw me and offered comfort and a chance for normal conversation to help me pull myself together before walking home. He also took Will his sandwich. I am very grateful for his kindness. Never underestimate the gratitude of comforting the sorrowful.

Also - Grace is a flying rock star. She is also a yogi and future ballerina. She didn't nap very well on the flights, but at least we arrived home in time for a short one.

I also began my online training for graduate school and teaching! Life moves pretty fast.


And for a laugh, this was me when my mother brought home tea cookies from Busken:

Prayers: Please keep my family in your prayers, and the soul of my mom's cousin.

Next week, I am going to: Have orientation with my students! Hire a babysitter! (Prayers for these too, please.) Grace has an evaluation for OT, and... it will be good to get home and really try to catch up on life, and all the Ignitum Today e-mails backing-up. This summer has been so, so busy, and I am glad to get some routine going. Hopefully Will and I can go play mini-golf too!


  1. Yay Gracie pictures!

    So glad that there was someone there to comfort you when you needed it most. Hoping you get some comfort with your family this weekend. Praying for you all!

  2. This is so great. Grace makes me laugh — hamming at everyone who catches her eye, grabbing her dad's articles and waving them around, her baby yoga on the plane... As for the sad and tearful moments, prayers and spirit hugs coming from me to you and your family all day.