Sunday, August 24, 2014

Cooking At My Speed

The best part of going home is having someone else cooking for you. Specifically, my dad or brother John or sister Megan. They love to cook, and they are truly talented.

Tonight, Grace and I arrived home very tired. I promptly threw Grace in her crib and myself onto the bed (neatly made by husband, I should add!) until a delivery man rang the doorbell and Grace began to cry.

Fine, we'll eat dinner.

Grace had Earth's Best organic sweet potatoes & chicken, and then apples & plums; plus a generous handful (or two) of Happy puffs, which make her (and thus me) very happy.

I had one Chobani yogurt, a Kind bar, and a large tomato from our neighbor's garden. Yes, after consuming, though satisfying, I felt like I had missed the Dinner Train. Even Grace's dinner seems better than mine upon description.

Will worked till 8 pm tonight, and we took him dinner around 9 pm, and he said he expected to be at work for a couple more hours. And walking home, I realized, I put more thought into fixing Will's sandwich than I did my own dinner. Truth be told - my blood sugar was higher then - but it gave me a new project (because I don't have enough of those): meal planning.

Do any of you meal plan on a regular basis? I am usually so tired around dinner, I go the path of least resistance. Sometimes that involves baking. Other times, re-heating.

So here I am, at the start of a new week, in a household that needs me to go grocery shopping. What will dinner look like this week?
Monday: grilled cheese + avocado, tomato soup, red + green peppers
Tuesday: baked chicken, baked potato, vegetable
Wednesday: tomato, feta and quinoa salad (an old favorite!)
Thursday: [leftovers]
Friday: baked tilapia, rice, vegetable
Saturday: spaghetti + grass-fed ground beef in tomato sauce, vegetable
Sunday: [leftovers]
Dessert: the entire watermelon I impulse bought last week

Our main goal is to be healthy without eating anything that is going to weigh us down to blobs for the rest of the evening. I also write [vegetable] because Will and I usually eat different ones; he loves spinach salad, while I feel like, if I eat another leaf in the next month or so, I will deny my past, positive relationship with said plant. If I write a specific one, it usually means Will is not joining us for dinner.

Meal planning was much harder than I anticipated. I blame food aversions partly, and I suppose it does not help that my indecisive stomach is saying: AHHH WHY ARE YOU MAKING ME COMMIT TO FOOD RIGHT NOW??!?

That being said, I am excited to have a plan! I also fixed six hard boiled eggs for lunch this week. I'm working' it. What's next, smoothies?

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  1. Food planning is difficult. The best laid plans always seem to go awry. That being said, I plan my meals like a plan outfits. I try to have basics and some wildcards at hand on all times. Pasta is denim. Rice is Kahki. Fresh produce are t-shirts. That crazy shirt you got at the boutique is curry powder... They can all mix and match!