Saturday, April 19, 2014

My View (vol. 9)

St. Patrick's Cathedral downtown was the first church Will and I went to for mass. We went to five o'clock mass, and I still remember listening to the priest whose radio voice led me blissfully through the liturgies. We went to five o'clock mass there the next three months, missing only once, when we forgot about the conflicting calendar of New Orleans' official religion, Saints football.

The church is gorgeous, old, full of history, traditional and welcoming. Since having Grace, we've started attending the church closer to our apartment (equally staggering in tabernacle and architectural glory); I still try to go to noon mass there, when possible.

I love the scenes from Jesus' life on Earth behind the tabernacle, the gorgeous stained glass windows, the heavy, dark wood pews, the scallop over the Gospel/ homily podium, and the carving details in the columns and arches overhead. 

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