Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Five Favorites (v. 8)

Traveling with Grace has been a learning experience. I heard on the radio last week, in a "confessional" type program, a mom who wishes she had traveled more before having her kids. She said all parents thought this, and went on to say her laundry list of reasons why traveling with kids stinks.

Grace has traveled a lot - a handful of longer car rides, two plane flights, and two 1k mile round trips for Christmas and a MLK weekend/ on the residency interview trail, and all by her four month mark. But I hear, the older they get, the harder it becomes (for some parents).

I get it - it requires a lot more planning, lest you forget something essential (like, her binky). Here are my top 5 traveling with babies (sleep edition) favorites:


PATRULL Nightlight/sensor IKEA
We were given ours, but $3.99 is worth it times 10. It turns on when it is dark, stays on all night, and isn't overly distracting to other sleepers in the room, yet still light enough that Grace can see her hands in front of her face when she wakes up. Also comes in pink and white. Super easy to toss in the bag and go. Win-win-win.

{two} + {three}

Kidco - peapod travel sleeper ($69.99)

It's the ultimate travel bed with the way it folds up tight - easily in carry-on, if necessary. Big enough for kids up till 3 years, we put a soft blanket down, and then put Grace on top with another blanket and binky. We were half a foot away, and it great for late night feedings and daytime naps. Based on how our daughter sleeps, it works for us. We did not use it when she was under 6 months.

This picture was drastically brightened so... fuzzy wuzzy is my iPhone.

I love this thing. I love it so much, I am not giving up the one we bought for Grace. Grace has a new one, and I have one in our room. It helps me sleep, and if mama sleeps, the world is a-okay!

That elephant ($22.50) is reallyreally great too - my MIL bought it at Target, and it is just bedtime gold. Nothing says "Go to bed, Grace!!!!!!!" like stars projected on the ceiling and a lullaby tune for up to 45 minutes. My mother (who has been visiting) was amazed how easily Grace goes down with it!


Also available in super cute stripes and other patterns
Okay, Hanna Anderson ANYTHING; but especially delicious pajamas. You will start singing The touch,/ the feel/, of coooooooottttten/ (the fabric of our lives!) after feeling how soft these pajamas are.

Warning: these comes in women sizes. You will be tempted to buy. (Do it!)


Sleepsacks: sleep wherever.
We forgot ours for the above pictured trip, but this sleep sack is classy. It keeps the babies warm, and makes them look good. Can we say, double win?

Girlfran looks good:
Sleepsack and wubbanub
Shout-out to Grace's wubbanub, which convinces me that life is better with the little pleasures.

Joining with Hallie for more fabulous favorites!


  1. We cannot go anywhere without our sound machine. It really helps so you don't have to tiptoe past light sleepers *cough*Finn*cough*

  2. Grace is adorable & you're right a mama who can sleep is golden. We're heading out for a big camping trip and some (maybe all) of these great items may be on my buy list before we head out. Thank you for the tips!