Monday, January 13, 2014

In This Body

"Through her struggles, [St.] Teresa [of Avila] discovered the wisdom of the Catholic teaching that our bodies, and what we do with them, matter. She came to understand that while God wants us to treat our bodies with respect, excessive focus on perfecting our bodies or indulging their insatiable desires--including the desire to busy ourselves with good works to avoid the discomfort of solitude and silence--distances us from God. The same goes for social status, popularity, and professional achievement, things that are not evil in themselves but that can wreak spiritual havoc when we value them more than we value God."
--Colleen Carroll Campbell, from her book My Sisters, The Saints

I am currently reading this book and highly recommend it, for anyone who is seeking to see God working in life, and who, perhaps, are looking for new friends.

The Bright Maidens' January topic is "Saints Stories" - do you have one to share?

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