Tuesday, January 7, 2014

In Sickness and in Health

The Baldwin family has been hit by sickness. I arrived home yesterday afternoon after my ginormous trip to the grocery stores (after being gone for 3 weeks, we were a tad low on food) to find husband miserable and sick. He had been gone at school most of the day. He came home to take a nap and began to yak.   

First thought: Poor guy! Now I get to be helpful like he was when I was preggo sick. 

Second thought: MY BABY! Quarantine!

Grace is up-to-date with her shots and I got the flu shot... But nothing is a guarantee, and so I started precautionary measures. 

Hand sanitizer (fortunately, we already have 3 bottles in a 10 foot radius) + Lysol spray, baby room edition and Clorox wipes
Thermometer (adult+protective covers, infant pacifier)
Drinks (Sprite, Ginger Ale, Gatorade)
Soup (Progresso chicken noodle)
Ibuprofen (adult and infant)

Will had all the symptoms minus a fever, and Grace felt hot when she was fine (99.9 at highest, then in 98 region for the rest of the night). 

It was a funny feeling, taking care of my birds. I kept thinking, these people are my family. I must take care of them. They need me. 

I've been feeling forgetful lately about various to-dos, to-calls, to-sees. I forget to eat lunch or take a shower. Being home was like a hug you never let go of, and you're so focused on enjoying the hug that everything else swirls around and you can't see it. 

We got home after dinner time on Sunday, ordered Chinese and immediately entered the so-tired-I-can-hardly-speak-or-move part of the evening, after 12 hours in the car. Grace was completely refreshed and ready to go, and again, I thought, I am her mom. It's her and me till bed time. 

And today, I woke up twice to the babbling alarm clock next to my bed, telling me she was hungry. Afterwards, I checked on the couch sleeper, the dear malaised patient, who continues pathetic. 

I know there are worse sicknesses than a (hopefully!) 24 hour bug, and still I sit here, drinking coffee and listening to Grace's gurgles, feeling like I could continue to let the world pass me by, as long I'm able to care for my loved ones. What a blessing sickness can be, if only to remind us how fortunate our health is and how humans desperately need each other in this weary world. 

In other news, Will's sense of humor is being restored. He just informed Grace that he will be buying her a King James dictionary (??) for her birthday, so she can gurgle in proper English. 

Happy Tuesday, all!

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