Wednesday, January 1, 2014

5 Years Time

Five years ago, I was a college junior contemplating moving to Belfast, Ireland to be a missionary.

Four years ago, I was a college senior looking into journalism and advertising jobs, stressing over finishing + defending my thesis + passing my oral comps (and my classes! and enjoying Kappa! and spending time with friends!).

Three years ago, I graduated college, landed my first job, quit my first job, moved home for my second job, and met my husband.

Two years ago, I traveled abroad {twice!}, became a nanny, and was silly happy over our engagement.

One year ago, we were back from our Arizona honeymoon.

Today, we're in my hometown from New Orleans and we're tickled pink over our baby. {who is still awake}

If I can share anything: trust in God, because he provides.

2013 was a stretching year: Will and I learned to be married; we learned to live with each other; we learned how to live without each other most of the week (for the first six months); we learned how to deal with disappointments together; we learned how to have fun without spending a lot of money; we learned how relationships and friendships change after marriage; we learned how to communicate better; we learned how to be a couple while being parents.

Here's to the next five years!


  1. I love the tag "challenge accepted" haha

  2. I love this look back! Can't wait to see where 2014 brings you (not that I have any biased places in mind ;-))!

  3. Great posting shows how life is not always solid as stone.